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Letting Go to Reach Your Goal

By Dr. Purvi Gandhi
Licensed Psychologist
Copyright © 2012

Perhaps you had some New Year’s resolutions, to change or improve an aspect of your life.  Do you remember those resolutions?  Time has moved on, and months have passed by. Where are you with those goals?  Your reflection at the beginning of the new year may have led you to specific goals, like losing weight, or it may have led you to a general dissatisfaction with the current state of your life.

Some goals naturally bring with it specific steps for change. If losing weight is the goal, then the steps may include eating more fruits and vegetables and exercising more.  That seems pretty clear—though it can definitely be hard to follow!

But what do you do when you have that unsettled feeling, of wanting a change, but not being sure of what to change?  Or when your goal may be more vague, such as “find a career I really enjoy,” but not knowing what that would look like.  What are the steps you take to find a solution when you aren’t even sure where to start?

Can’t find the staircase to start your process of change?  That can be a tough place to be in.  But wanting a change really is the first step to creating more satisfaction in your life.  The next step to finding your staircase is to Let Go of the Change!

Yes, I know it seems contradictory to what you think you should do.  But when you keep focusing on the problem, looking hard for the answers, what you can be left with is more questions and a lot of frustration.  So, instead of spending your energy trying to find a resolution, think about putting your energy into something else that BRINGS energy to you.  Something that increases creativity in you and your life.

How do you find this? Examine the things that you do enjoy in your life right now.  It may be drawing or restoring old automobiles.  Put your energy into those things that stimulate your mind and body (and spirit).  Find those activities that allow you to express your creativity.  Because when you give yourself the space to explore and create, you are CREATING more space in your life for change.

The stimulation, creativity, and energy that you bring into your life through these enjoyable activities can shift your perspective on a situation and help you address areas of your life in a more innovative way.  And slowly, as you let go of your search for those answers, you may be finally able to find the steps you need to reach your goal.



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