Dr. Purvi B. Gandhi

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The Waiting

By Dr. Purvi Gandhi
Licensed Psychologist
Copyright © 2012

Have you ever found yourself waiting in line, and becoming restless? Maybe even a little fidgety?  Many times, the waiting brings out a need to do something in that time. Most of us will reach for our Smartphones to fill the time.

What an invention! These devices allow us to connect and communicate with so many people in all parts of the world. But these same devices take us away from connecting in the real world. In our attempts to connect with others via email, Facebook, etc., we are missing the opportunity to connect with those standing right around us.

There are occasions in our lives to have chance encounters, make business connections, or even just share a friendly smile with another person. But with our heads positioned down, staring at the screen on our cellular phones, we are losing these moments.

So the next time you are waiting in line, think about just waiting….without using your cell phone…and you may find yourself making even more profound and real connections with those around you.



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